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Educational Activities

The Civic Museum of Nepi offers an educational service for schools of all levels. The activities consist of the study of Nepi’s cultural heritage and its territory.

Discover our cultural heritage

The purpose of the educational service of the Civic Museum of Nepi is to teach the adolescents to know and to respect the archeological, historical heritage and the territory where they live. It is addressed to schools of all levels and the service is available from November to the end of May.

Observation, comparison and experimentation

The service includes activities based on observation and comparison of archaeological evidences of the museum collection (Paths), on individual and group involvement in the practical experimentation of methods, techniques and materials (Laboratories), on the deepening of museum contents (meetings) and on itineraries to discover the town and its territory (External itineraries).


It is possible to book this service calling the number 0761 570604, then filling the booking module and send it via e-mail to confirm the reservation at this address: It is a paid service.