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"Nepimodellismo" First Static Modeling Esxhibition and Contest 2020

29 Feb 2020 - 01 Mar 2020

Exhibition of collections of historical figures inside the Civic Museum of Nepi and first static modeling competition with the participation of some of the most important Italian model makers.

Starting from February 22 2020 and till March 01 2020 the Civic Museum of Nepi will host the First Edition of "Nepi Modellismo" a static modeling exhibition and contest.

Inside the prestigious museum venue, models of all kind will be exhibited (figures, land, sea, air and space vehicles). This initiative will start as a simple exhibition, then with the arrival of further models starting from February 28, the actual competition will take place.

Some of the most important Italian model makers will partecipate to this competition, coming from the near Rome, from other places in Lazio and, also, from outside our region.

The event will surely be an opportunity to know the city of Nepi. All visitors will be given

A card that allows a discount for different restaurants in Nepi and a reduced-rate guided tour of the Borgia's Castle will be given to any competition partecipant.

It will also be possible to freely visit the Civic Museum of Nepi which will be the splendid setting for this event.

The exhibition / competition will be open, according to the normal opening hours of the Civic Museum of Nepi, until March 1 2020, the day of the awards ceremony.

Exhibition Calendar:

Saturday 22 February 04pm opening of the exhibition.

Sunday 01 March 3:30pm awards ceremony.

NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 01NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 02NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 03NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 04NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 05NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 06NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 07NepiModellismo First Modeling Exhibition Picture 08



Civic Museum of Nepi


10am - 01pm / 03pm - 06pm


Free Entrance