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Borgia's Castle

The "Borgia's Castle" or "Borgia's Fortress" is the main monument of Nepi. Once owned by the important Catalan family is, today, the result of different remakes which testify the historical continuity of our wonderful town.

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about nepi

Nepi is a very ancient town which, unlike many other towns here in Tuscia, had a continuous occupation since the end of the 8th century b.C. Although it seems it never played a leading role in historical events, however it must be considered not a small provincial center but an important town where the Bishop lived starting from the 5th century a.C. and one of the most beloved place by the Borgia's family. Any historical period left important or awesome proofs. Just to mention some of them: items founded in the Necropolis of "Sante Grotte", the Catacomb of Santa Savinilla,
a monumental early Christian cemetery, among the most remarkable in central Italy, or the mighty city walls designed by Antonio da Sangallo "Il Giovane". They are a splendid example of Renaissance military architecture. The richness of the archaeological and monumental proofs is added to our beautiful landscapes, still uncontaminated and wild, which were able to fascinate important people like George Dennis, Massimo D'Azeglio and William Turner.

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Study and enhancement of the collection and the cultural heritage of Nepi

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Educational activities for school classes focused on the study of the cultural heritage of Nepi

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Guided tours both to the museum and to the monuments in Nepi and the surrounding area

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